We prepared a very special experience for you.

Costa Rica as you have never dreamed.


From 15th till 25th of November 2018

Destination :

Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for a magical surf trip. Especially if it is your first surf trip, as the waves there are perfect for all levels, from begginers to advanced. It is also « Pura Vida », a natural paradise, with beaches considered to be the most beautiful worldwide, warm water, and an amazing good vibe. Everyone there receives with warmth, a smile, and of course, a LOT of reggaeton.

Get ready for a trip full of of surf, local culture, nights out, meditations and parties – after all, life is made of balance, isn’t it ? We will stay at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world : Avellanas Beach, a wonderful beach break, with perfect lefts and rights. The landscape is enchanted by beautifully sculpted trees, hanging monkeys, and an indescribable magic. As soon as you get there, you will feel blessed by Mother Earth, and when you get your first wave… Oh my !


Foto: arquivo pessoal @crisbrosso
Foto: @mariannapiccoli

Foto: @mariannapiccoli


Goal :

Women who have never surfed before will learn and evolve rapidly. For those women who already surf, you will get the chance to develop your skills. Along with the surfing practice, we will work on our self and emocional development together with Cris and Vanessa, the Longarina professionals.

What’s special about Longarina :
  • Two highly experienced professional therapists who will assist you and apply techniques of emotional intelligence and fear releasing
  • Photographer Suellen Nobrega who will take the best shots of you inside and outside the water
  • Individual photoshoot « body & soul » see HERE
  • Surf Medicine, a methodology created by Longarina for your self development through surfing
  • Cultural immersion based on Longarina experiences
  • An amazing group of powerful ladies
  • True connections
    What is included
  • Daily 2h surfing lessons with one instructor for every two ladies
  • Surf Safari
  • Local guides who will take us to the most inhospitable beaches where we will find the best waves for every level
  • One day experience at Hacienda Guachipelin : see HERE
  • Housing
  • Breakfast
  • All transportations included
  • Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport


Everything we do, we do to take ladies out of life inercia, out of their comfort zone, bringing self knowledge and connecting them to their true essence through surfing and meditation techniques.

Longarina has been offering surfing experiences to women for the past 5 years, and has taken more than 3.000 ladies in a surf adventure.An amazing community has been the result of this work, with wonderful exchanges and sorority. We invite you to join us !

Therapists :

Cristiane Brosso: One of Longarina founders, spent 10 years working as manager and with environmental engeneering. Today she connects herself with nature on a deeper way. She uses natures elements in her therapeutic work in Longarina. Her journey of self knowledge started during her after her son’s birth. She is a graduated Integral Systematical Coach, ThetaHealer, Yoga Instructor, and has passed through Deepening with DanzaMedicina. She surfes for 11 years and knows not only Brazilian waves, but also Costa Rica, France, Peru and Australia.

Vanessa Bertelli: One of Longarina founders. She carries a bachelor in Business Administration and has worked for 7 years in Advertising, until she threw everything « away ». She held on to her passion for communication on what she believes, love for the sea, and for the endless trials on surfing, which lasts for over 16 years now. Today she finds her peace in salty waters, facing surf in a different way, looking for self development. She’s ThetaHealer, studies Bioenergetic and the human body, she has also passed through the Deepening process with DanzaMedicina. She’s curious of the ancestors knowledge, of natural medicine and of the mouth-to-ear anscient knowledge.

Photographer :

Suellen Nobrega:

She works focusing on sensuality, femininity, and women selfsteem. Mother of two boys, she has worked for years as Social Assistant with children in need and handicaped children. From the love of people came the love for taking pictures of them. She developed photography projects for teenager ladies with law issues and then focused on surfing protograph with Sebastian Rojas. She was Photograph Director for the Gardians of the Sea, and for the past 3 years has been with Longarina. She has also been one of the first professional lady photographer in Brazilian surf championships.

Investment in your surfing and self-awareness:

Cost: $2.270

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